Case Management Program

The key to effectively managing and thriving with a chronic illness lies in mastering efficient strategies. At Genesis, we possess the expertise, resources, technology, and unwavering dedication essential for empowering patients to manage chronic conditions such as:

– Diabetes
– High Blood Pressure
– Heart Disease
– Asthma
– High Cholesterol

Through a comprehensive physical assessment, our seasoned team will tailor a personalized health plan to aid you in managing your condition. This plan, coupled with our preventive and management services (including flu shots, cancer screenings, echocardiography, and lab tests), will refocus your attention on life’s priorities while we work diligently to safeguard your health.

In our approach, the emphasis is on placing you, not your illness, in command of your daily life. Joining the Genesis family means reclaiming control, as our collective goal is to ensure the happiness and well-being of every member.

If you’re already part of the Genesis family, inquire about our Case Management Program during your next visit, or feel free to reach out to us now with any questions you may have.